Explore a wealth of ancient culture through this tour of Stolac, a town which although small in size is rich in history. From the natural beauty, abundant hunting grounds to the historic architectures of the Illyrians, Ancient Romans and Slavs. .

The Radimlja necropolis is one of the most valuable monuments left behind by medieval Bosnia and Herzegvina. Dating back to the 1480s, the necropolis has around 133 ‘silent sleeper’ intricately designed tombstones. This tour is a true journey through time.

If the Radimlja necropolis isn’t enough of a history lesson for you, take your journey deeper by visiting Daorson; a sight of acheological importance and home to an ancient Illyrian tribe.

Price: €35 p/pax

Tour time: half day excursion

Tour Schedule: every day at 9am

Booking: 24h in advance

Included: local guide, transport

Excluded: entrance fee

Group price available upon request and subject to special terms.

Departing daily from Old town of Mostar, but can be arranged from elsewhere, if requested