The beautiful flower Dalia is starting to bloom in spring and can be seen in different colours, shapes and forms…

Dalia Travel will create an unforgettable colourful journey through time and space of forgotten and partly lost civilization, heal your body and soul with arrangements of your choice, pure adventure in nature, peaceful meditation through cultural architecture, hiking, drifting or rafting and many more. Hidden local restaurants will provide you with best local specialities, while enjoying a good glass of wine. Dalia Travel your best choice….

Comfortable Transfers

We offer you comfortable, reliable and affordable transfers by cars, vans or buses.

Brilliant Routes

Magnificent views, fresh air, hiking paths, and cycling routes guarantee endless recreation opportunities and fun.

Optimal Timing

Our services are always timely and at the location of your interest, ensuring your full satisfaction.

Unique Experience

Exclusive experiences, based on unique natural features, attractions and culture, active participation, authenticity and personalisation according tou your desires.

Local Food

Taste fresh, homemade food at very affordable prices and let the amazing gastronomic experience take you through time.

Smart Guides

The best way to explore, unforgettable experience with professional guides that offer tours in English, French, Turkish, Italian, German…



Offering different services for our clients, reliable and most important, cost conscious.

Unique Places

Experience cross-cultural center of Eastern Europe, place where East meets West, with rich Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture. Discover the beauty that lays hidden within this breath-taking country.

Good Accommodations

We are offering you various accommodations all certified and guaranteed to your desires and specifications, warm and welcoming hosts and great service.

Interesting Routes

Enjoy stunning landscape — mountains, rivers, waterfalls, experience rafting the country’s gorgeous rivers and the people that are hospitable and welcoming to tourists, combine modern Europe with rich Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian architecture.

New Friends

You will be meeting friendly, warmhearted and welcoming people on your journey across Bosnia and Herzegovina, experience new culture and make friendships to last.


Take a look at photos & videos from previous journeys.

Beauty of Mostar

Bridging the Cultures

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Land of Wonders


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