Join us to the journey to discover Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Very few cities in the world can offer such a variety of interesting things in such a small area as Sarajevo does. Historical attractions, natural beauty and unique experience of a place where „East meets West“ . The religious buildings of four of the most important religions in the world are located in the center itself, within only a few minutes walk of each other. It is a city where historical buildings of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian and modern times intertwine. Our guests have full day to explore Sarajevo. We certainly recommend famous commercial district of Bascarsija with numerous shops, coffee shops and restaurants.

Price: €48,00 p/pax

Tour time: all day

Booking: 24 hours in advance

Departure: 08:00 am

Included: guide, transfer, parking

Minimum number of persons: 3 pax

Group price available upon request and subject to special terms.

Tickets are optional and not included