All day adventure with Quads on Zelengora mountine

Zelengora is also known as a location where famous film scenes have been shot, so we visit the sites with from the filming of ” On the Milky Way ” by director Emir Kusturica and the location where Monica Belucci gladly stayed and more.

Upon arrival to the National Park Sutjeska, the ATV vehicles are unloaded and prepared for a ride. Near the Vratari in the canyon of the Sutjeska we enter the ZELENGORA massif. Vratar is a landmark of NP Sutjeska. In the old times it was one of the most famous outposts on the Dubrovnik road where the road passing was charged and that is how Vratar (“doorman”) got its name. We go round the most beautiful parts of Zelengora visiting as many as 3 lakes popularly known as “Mountain eyes’.

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