Canyon Nevidio is part of Mala Komarnica, river, which rises at the pedestal of the southern part of Durmitor, precisely in Dobri Do. Delving deep passes between Boljske grede (2091 m.e.) and Lojanik (2091 m.e.) to reappear in a quiet river valley as a permanent river. Surrounding the entrance is one of the most beautiful in the Durmitor area. The beauty of this area makes the village Poscenje with two glacial lakes, periodic waterfall Skakavica that the seventy-meter high walls wastes water river Grabovica which flows into the Komarnica.

At the end of the valley at an altitude of 935 m begins canyon Nevidio or Nevidjbog as he called the inhabitants of this region. With the right bears this name because the tannery once lost in a strange carved entrance and becomes invisible to the human eye.

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